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Mental Health Care For All

Health Care For All - Single PayerWe are a group of psychotherapists and mental health professionals dedicated to the development and passage of a comprehensive healthcare system, that will provide quality medical and mental heath care for everyone. Our current system does not meet the mental health needs of our patients or our communities.

We support a single payer system that will provide comprehensive health care to everyone and allows people to have input into the system and full access to the information that affects their health or choice of providers.

We are dedicated to Psychotherapists deciding the course of mental healthcare treatment. We want every child and every adult to receive the care they need. (Everyone In, Nobody Out)

Therapists for Single Payer brings together mental health professionals to be a political force for change:

  • Educate ourselves about single payer
  • Advocate for its passage at the state and national level
  • Shape the future of mental health care in our communities
  • Take a leading role in raising awareness of the value of psychological and emotional well being in our society

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What is Single Payer